Bara Menyn Sourdough - Good Things Take Time

~ all of our breads are made with the finest organic flour, natural sourdough leavens,

and prove slowly overnight before being baked fresh, on stone, every day (Mon – Sat) ~




Daily Loaf

Our staple, this large ‘country style’ loaf (pain de campagne) has a thin, crisp crust with a wonderfully open-textured interior. Like all of our breads, it rises slowly overnight to gain its subtle flavour and chewy texture. This loaf is substantial without being dense; packed full of flavour but only mildly sour. And it stays fresh for days.

Ingredients:  White, spelt, rye & wholemeal flour, natural wheat leaven, sea salt, water             

Five Seed

Nutritious, delicious – same blend of flours as the Daily Loaf but with a wetter dough and the added goodness of Omega oils from the seeds.

Ingredients: White, spelt, rye & wholemeal flour, natural wheat leaven, water, sea salt; seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, sesame & linseed

Ancient Grain

A blend of delicious, ancient grains, this loaf has a moist, springy crumb, a dark, caramelised crust, and is packed full of goodness and flavour.

Ingredients: Wholemeal spelt, wholemeal emmer and white flour, natural wheat leaven, water, sea salt


We also produce a range of the finest viennoiserie (croissants, pain au raisin, pain au choc,

almond croissants), currently on Friday and Saturday mornings.